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Val-u-Tubing™ Latex Free Exercise Tubing

Val-u-Tubing®SKU: FAB-10-4830

Size: 25ft
Color: Pear


Latex-free resistive exercise Val-u-Tubing™ is color-coded in Berry Colors®. Latex-free Val-u-Tubing™ is an economical exercise tubing; same great quality as CanDo® exercise tubing; available in 25' bags and 100 foot dispenser boxes; Levels range in order of resistance from least to greatest resistance: pear (0), peach (1), orange (2), lime (3), blueberry (4), plum (5), mushroom (6), pineapple (7).

Quantity: 1
5 Piece Set Includes: 1 of each color; Peach, Orange, Lime, Blueberry, and Plum

Size: 25ft or 100ft

Pear: Level 0
Peach: Level 1
Orange: Level 2
Lime: Level 3
Blueberry: Level 4
Plum: Level 5
Mushroom: Level 6
Pineapple: Level 7

Material: Latex-Free

Manufacturer: Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

Brand: Val-u-Tubing™

Indications: An economical latex-free exercise tubing

Pear (10-4830) UPC: 714905041180
Peach (10-4831) UPC: 714905041180
Orange (10-4832) UPC: 714905041203
Lime (10-4833) UPC: 714905041210
Blueberry (10-4834) UPC: 714905041227
Plum (10-4835) UPC: 714905041234
Mushroom (10-4836) UPC: 714905041241
Pineapple (10-4837) UPC: 714905041258
5 Piece Set (10-4838) UPC: 714905041265

Pear (10-4840) UPC: 714905041272
Peach (10-4841) UPC: 714905041289
Orange (10-4842) UPC: 714905041296
Lime (10-4843) UPC: 714905041302
Blueberry (10-4844) UPC: 714905041319
Plum (10-4845) UPC: 714905041326
Mushroom (10-4846) UPC: 714905041333
Pineapple (10-4847) UPC: 714905041340
5 Piece Set (10-4848) UPC: 714905041357


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