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SofTop Wheelchair Tray

SkiL-CareSKU: SKL-705022

Size: 20-22" WC
Material: Vinyl Cover


SkiL-Care SofTop™ Wheelchair Tray - SkiL-Care SofTop Wheelchair Lap Trays are designed to serve as therapeutic interventions that assist patients in achieving proper body position, balance, and alignment. Although residents can remove SkiL-Care trays, there are some who cannot. For them, the trays can be considered restraint. Residents who cannot release standard wheelchair lap trays might benefit from SkiL-Care's Lift-Away Tray (see options below). Replacement Straps for SofTop Wheelchair Tray (705091) available.

The Lift-Away Wheelchair Tray assists in upper body control for the wheelchair user. The tray helps achieve proper body position, balance, and alignment. Lift-Away Wheelchair Tray provides benefits and stays in place without the use of straps allowing them to be lifted away by most patients. Autonomy is not comprised. Lift-Away's padded tray provides a comfortable, low-pressure surface on which to rest sensitive arms and elbows. Hook and loop straps secure the tray to the wheelchair armrests - armrest pads provided. It helps to prevent the resident from sliding forward. The tray can serve as an activity surface for eating, writing, and other activities.

Quantity: 1

Fits 14" W/C (705021)
Fits 16"- 18" W/C (705014, 705015, 705018, 705019, 702020, 705030, 705010)
Fits 20"- 22" W/C (705022, 705025, 70502g, 705027)
Fits 24" - 28" W/C (705024)

Material: Nylon or Vinyl option

Manufacturer: SkiL-Care

Indications: Helps achieve proper body position, balance, and alignment.

Cleaning & Care: The durable vinyl covered tray wipes clean with a damp cloth and spray-type cleanser. Do not bleach.

SofTop Lift-Away Wheelchair Tray

16" - 18" - Lift-Away - Super Soft LSII Cover (705014)
16" - 18" - Lift-Away - Vinyl Cover (705015) UPC: 671509193809
Replacement Armrest Sleeves For 705015 Lift-Away Tray ONLY (705016) UPC: 671509193809
20"- 22" - Lift Away - Vinyl Cover (705025) UPC: 671509193908
20"- 22" - Lift-Away - Super Soft LSII Cover (705026)

SofTop Wheelchair Tray
16" - 18" SofTop - Super Soft LSII Cover (705018)
16" - 18" - SofTop Nylon Cover (705019) UPC: 671509230108
16" - 18" - SofTop - Vinyl Cover (705020) UPC: 671509135809
14" - SofTop - Vinyl Cover (705021) UPC: 671509135908
20" - 22" - SofTop - Vinyl Cover (705022) UPC: 671509194004
20" - 22" - SofTop - Super Soft LSII Cover (705027)
24" - 28" - SofTop - Bariatric - Nylon Cover (705024) UPC: 671509229300

Replacement Strap ONLY
Replacement Strap for Wheelchair Lap Tray ONLY (705091) UPC: 671509136301

Dura Tray
16" - 18" - Tray Dura Plastic (705030) UPC: 671509136103

Econo Tray
16" - 18" - Econo Tray (705010) UPC: 671509135700
This tray attaches with non-restrictive easily released belts. Convenient surface for eating, writing, or games. Two, non-restrictive, easily removable straps for attachment to the arm rests. Surface prevents forward falls from wheelchair. Fits full and half arm wheelchairs. Durable and easily cleanable heat sealed vinyl cover. Fits most 16" to 18" wheelchairs. Heat sealed vinyl over a plywood base


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