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SkiL-Care Two-Piece Footrest Extender

SkiL-CareSKU: SKL-703280

Style: 2-Piece Footrest Extender w/ 1" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18"


The footrest extender is designed to provide support to control drop foot and prevent residents' feet from slipping off footrests. The footrest extenders raise footrest for improved posture and seating alignment. A cushioned back protects the lower leg against contact with a wheelchair. Secures easily to wheelchairs with quick-release straps. Covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl.

Quantity: 1, Two-Piece Footrest Extender

Material: Vinyl

Manufacturer: SkiL-Care

Indications: Prevents foot drop and feet from slipping behind the footrest

Cleaning & Care: To clean, spray and wipe with a damp cloth.

2-Piece Footrest Extender w/ 1" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703280) UPC: 671509126609
2-Piece Footrest Extender w/ 2" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703281) UPC: 671509127606
2-Piece Footrest Extender w/ 3" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703282) UPC: 671509127705
2-Piece Footrest Extender w/ 4" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703283) UPC: 671509127804
Replacement 1" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703291) UPC: 671509128009
Replacement 2" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703292) UPC: 671509294704
Replacement 4" Thick Foot Pad 16"-18" (703294) UPC: 6715092944204

Please Note: We want to gently remind you that pillows/cushions/bedding are hygiene items and are not eligible for return or refund if they have been opened and/or used. We do not provide trial periods nor do we guarantee therapeutic results.


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