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SkiL-Care Lateral Stabilizer Armrest Bolster

SkiL-CareSKU: SKL-706110-Each

Size: Full Arm - 5"
Style: Polyester Cover


Designed to reduce lateral leaning for wheelchair patients who lean left or right. The arm bolsters are covered in cylindrical foam cushions that can be mounted to most armrests to reduce unwanted lateral leaning. The bolster cushions wheelchair armrests and are available in 5" or 6" diameters for a full-arm and half-arm wheelchairs. Available in a Nylon, Polyester or Synthetic Sheepskin cover.

Quantity: 1

5"D, Full Arm (706110, 706111, 706112)
5"D, Half-Arm (706114, 706115, 706116)
6"D, Full Arm (706120, 706121, 706122)
6"D, Half-Arm (706124, 706125, 706126)

Materials: Nylon, Polyester, Synthetic Sheepskin

Manufacturer: SkiL-Care

Indications: Helps reduce lateral leaning

Cleaning & Care: Both polyester and synthetic sheepskin covers can be laundered and dried at temperatures that do not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit Bleaching is not recommended. Nylon covers can be cleaned with a spray-type cleanser and a damp cloth or sponge.

Full Arm - 5" w/ Polyester Cover (706110-Each) UPC: 671509137209
Full Arm - 5" w/ Sheepskin Cover (706111-Each) UPC: 671509137308
Full Arm - 5" w/ Nylon Cover (706112-Each) UPC: 671509137407
Half Arm - 5" w/ Polyester Cover (706114-Each) UPC: 671509137506
Half Arm - 5" w/ Sheepskin Cover (706115-Each) UPC: 671509137605
Half Arm - 5" w/ Nylon Cover (706116-Each) UPC: 671509137704
Full Arm - 6" w/ Polyester Cover (706120-Each) UPC: 671509137803
Full Arm - 6" w/ Sheepskin Cover (706121-Each)
Full Arm - 6" w/ Nylon Cover (706122-Each) UPC: 671509138008
Half Arm - 6" w/ Polyester Cover (706124) UPC: 0671509138107
Half Arm - 6" w/ Sheepskin Cover (706125-Each) UPC: 671509138206
Half Arm - 6" w/ Nylon Cover (706126-Each) UPC: 671509138305

Please Note: We want to gently remind you that pillows/cushions/bedding are hygiene items and are not eligible for return or refund if they have been opened and/or used. We do not provide trial periods nor do we guarantee therapeutic results.


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