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SkiL-Care Heel-Float Adjustable Walker Boot

SkiL-CareSKU: SKL-503147

Size: Small


Designed to float the heel over an air cavity to prevent pressure sores from forming or aid in the healing of existing sores. It includes a detachable non-skid tread pad that permits limited ambulation and facilitates bed/wheelchair transport. The foot support includes adjustable straps that permit accommodation of a wide range of flexion contracture needs. A firm plastic insert provides additional support. The gel insert beneath the ankle relieves pressure and cools the skin. Can be used on either foot.

Quantity: 1

Small - 3"W (503147)
Medium - 4"W (503148)
Large - 5"W (503149)

Manufacturer: SkiL-Care

Material: Cozy Cloth Liner

Indications: Prevents pressure sores from forming and aids in the healing of existing sores.

Cleaning & Care: Can be washed and dried at temperatures that do not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use chlorine bleach. The outer cover should be cleaned using a spray-and-wipe cleanser and disinfected with a non-chlorine disinfectant.

Small - 3"W (503147) UPC: 671509230504
Medium - 4"W (503148) UPC: 671509230603
Large - 5"W (503149) UPC: 671509230702


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