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SkiL-Care Crash Pad

SkiL-CareSKU: SKL-914750

Size: 3' x 4' Crash Pad


This unique "Crash Pad" was developed primarily for young adults to serve as a fall pad whether for exercises or learning appropriate responses to falling. In many situations, children with developmental delay or sensory integration disorder need to learn the appropriate falling procedures. Associated with a primitive reflex called the Moro Reflex. It is sturdy enough for jumping on and soft enough for sitting and relaxing. The Crash Pad is shipped with the foam compressed to reduce shipping costs. After opening, the pad will generally return to about 80% of its full volume in 8 hours and will fully expand after 3 days. This foam filled, durable nylon pad is available in two size options, with or without a cover. A cover only option is also available and sold separately.

Quantity: 1

3' x 4'
5' x 5'

Color: Blue

Material: Nylon exterior, Foam interior

Manufacturer: SkiL-Care

Indications: Developed primarily for young adults to serve as a fall pad whether for exercises or learning appropriate responses to falling. Also ideal for just sitting and relaxing.

Cleaning & Care: Although the nylon outer covering can be easily cleaned, it is impractical to remove the foam if it is desired to launder the cover. It is strongly suggested that an optional cover that fits over the inner cover be used. This optional cover can be easily removed for laundering. The inner cover can be wiped clean with a standard cleaning solution. The optional outer cover can be laundered at temperatures that do not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

3' x 4' Crash Pad (914750)
5' x 5' Crash Pad (914752)
3' x 4' Crash Pad/Cover Set (914750+914756.set)
5' x 5' Crash Pad/Cover Set (914752+914758.set)
3' x 4' Crash Pad Cover (914756) UPC: 671509275000
5' x 5' Crash Pad Cover (914758) UPC: 671509275109


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