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Pure Moxa Rolls for Mild Moxibustion (Box of 10 Rolls)

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Hua TuoSKU: LHA-Moxa-Boxof10-6pack

Size: 6 Pack


Chinese traditional packed moxa rolls are used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Pure Rolls contain only moxa and are the most popular roll available. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy by utilising heat to a specific area or point on the body by burning the dried leaves of the mugwort herb. The dried mugwort is rolled up tightly and wrapped in paper forming a moxa stick, in which moxibustion is used to promote healing. Moxa sticks can be used on their own to stimulate an acupuncture point or can be used on a point where an acupuncture needle has been inserted in order to intensify the therapeutic benefit. Paper covered rolls measure approximately 8.3" x 0.75" dia. Box of 10 rolls.

10 rolls per box

SizePaper covered rolls measure approximately 8.3" x 0.75" dia.

Ingredient: High-grade Moxa.

Manufacturer: Hua Tuo

Used to treat many ailments including colds, asthma, arthritis, allergies, menstrual problems and can even correct the position of a breech baby. 

The moxa roll should be properly lit and applied over the treatment area. Holding the moxa within an appropriate distance where a patient can feel the warmth, but far enough to prevent a scorch. Each treatment generally takes 5-15 minutes. Caution: For use by or on the order of qualified practitioners. Gently remove loose moxa ash frequently. Do not contact skin with burning moxa. Do not use if roll is cracked or defective. Extinguish properly after use. Store in a dry place; beware of moisture.

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