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Power-Web 14" Hand, Finger, Wrist , Thumb & Forearm Exerciser - Latex Free

Power WebSKU: PWI-50-1UL-LatexFree-Tan

Color: Tan


POWER-WEB Latex-Free 14" Hand, Finger, Thumb, Forearm & Wrist Exerciser - is a 14" in diameter and weighs sixteen ounces. Its unique patented design allows a variety of hand, wrist, finger & forearm exercises to be performed comfortably and effectively. Constructed of high quality rubber with special agents added for durability and strength, the POWER-WEB will last for years (with proper use and care). Available in 6 resistance levels. Also Available in Latex Free-Combination, Latex, 7" Junior, and Latex Combination.



  • Allows duplication of virtually all joint actions including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction, adduction, pronation, and supination
  • Latex-Free
  • Resistance of each web can be modified to meet specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion.
  • Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised
  • Accommodates all hand sizes and strength levels
  • Exercise coupled with proper resistance allows for full range of motion
  • Color coded resistance levels for variability
  • One exerciser does the work of many
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Illustrated manual included
  • 90-day manufacturer guarantee

Quantity: 1

Manufacturer: POWER-WEB

Size: 14" D

Indications: Hand, wrist, finger & forearm exerciser.

Care & Cleaning: Wipe with clean, damp cloth. Use mild cleanser as needed. Air dry.

Color/Resistance Level Options (each sold separately);

Tan - Ultra Light (50-1UL) UPC: 652088023015 - Beginners, stroke patients, persons w/serious hand injuries, range of motion.
Yellow - Light (50-2L) UPC: 652088023121 - Children, geriatrics, beginning strength programs, arthritis, carpel tunnel.
Red - Medium (50-3M) UPC: 652088023237 - Most popular all around use; strengthening, flexibility, injury rehab, sports, fitness.
Green - Heavy (50-4H) UPC: 652088023343 - For more advanced rehabilitation, sports, strengthening, fitness, injury prevention.
Blue - Super Heavy (50-5SH) UPC: 652088023459 - Sports strengthening; all major sports, build real strength, pro sports training.
Black - Ultra Heavy (50-6UH) UPC: 652088023565 - A real challenge for advanced strengthening, used where hand strength is vital - such as karate, weight lifters, golf, baseball, football.

Helpful hint: If bothered by the scent of new rubber, click here, for scent removal aids.


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