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Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc DynaPro™ Finger Flex

Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc.SKU: OCS-DP-WFF(S)-21SL-FingerFlex.Left.Sm

Size: Small
Style: Left


Ideal “static / dynamic” neuro-inhibiting therapy in a resting hand design with a heat moldable flexible insert that “flexes” at the wrist, MCP and PIP joints of the fingers to accommodate spastic episodes of tone and can be heat molded to “flex” into the contracted joint(s) to provide a therapeutic neuro-inhibiting stretch. A movable thumb stall with an elastic pull strap can be set to reverse mild to moderate thumb adduction. The device provides “static/dynamic” therapy to provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity. 


  • Resting hand design with flexible finger platform.
  • Color-Coded Straps.
  • Flexible wrist, MCP and PIP insert minimizes spastic episodes.
  • Finger separators included.

Model: Left or Right Hand

Quantity: 1

Color: Blue

Sizes: Small, Medium, or Large

Size Options (each sold separately) 
Right- Small (DP-WFF(S)-21SR-FingerFlex.Right.Sm) 
Right - Medium (DP-WFF(S)-22MR-FingerFlex.Right.Md) 
Right - Large (WFF(S)-23LR-FingerFlex.Right.Lg) 
Left- Small (DP-WFF(S)-21SL-FingerFlex.Left.Sm) 
Left- Medium (DP-WFF(S)-22ML-FingerFlex.Left.Md) 
Left- Large (DP-WFF(S)-23LL-FingerFlex.Left.Lg)
Right - Small - w/Extra Liner (DP-WFF-21SR-FingerFlex.Rt.Sm-w/ExLnr) 
Right - Medium -w/Extra Liner (DP-WFF-22MR-FingerFlex.Rt.Md-w/ExLnr)
Right - Large -w/Extra Liner (DP-WFF-23LR-FingerFlex.Rt.Lg-w/ExLnr)


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