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Norco Ankle Contracture Boot w/straps, Standard/Large or X-Large

North Coast MedicalSKU: NCM-NC56201-1

Size: Standard/Large


North Coast Medical Norco™ Ankle Contracture Boot with Side Straps - Comfortable ankle/foot orthosis provides pressure-free, adjustable positioning. Helps prevent drop foot and heel pressure sores. Provides slight dorsiflexion to neutral positioning. Features include: removable rubber sole piece that helps prevent slipping during transfers; height-adjustable foot plate that accommodates various foot lengths and keeps blankets from pressing on the toes; the swingout anti-rotation bar with locking slots to prevent foot/hip rotation; soft, Kodel® -type liner with straps to surround the foot in comfort; hook and loop straps to secure the liner to the hard plastic, semi-flexible frame. The heel is completely suspended to allow air circulation for wound care needs. Adjustable side straps to provide additional plantar flexion resistance and allow some inversion/eversion control. Fits either the left or right foot. To size, measure length of foot from bottom of heel to top of big toe. Note: Not recommended for ambulation.

Quantity: 1 Boot

Standard/Large - Up to 10" Foot Length
X-Large - 10" to 13" Foot Length

Color: Black/Gray

Material: Rubber Sole, Kodel® -type liner, Hook and Loop straps, Hard Plastic Frame

Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Brand: Norco™

Indications: Helps prevent drop foot and heel pressure sores

Standard/Large (NC56201-1)
X-Large (NC56201-2)


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