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Mobility Transfer Systems SafetySure®Transfer Slide

Mobility Transfer SystemsSKU: MTS-1031-Padded-24x78-Large

Size: 24 x 78
Style: Padded


 Allows for a variety of tasks to be performed which include turning, boosting and transferring from one surface to another. The Transfer Slide is best suited for individuals with limited mobility. Use with individuals that have sensitive skin and are at risk for skin sheer. The continuous loop with a low friction inner liner facilitates transfer with little or no strain on the caregivers back. Padding provides extra comfort to skin sensitive individuals. 

Quantity: 1 

Small: 18" x 22"
Medium: 24" x 78"
Large: 27" x 37"

Padded or Unpadded

Manufacturer: Mobility Transfer Systems

Indications: Great product for those suffering from Parkinson's.

Transfer Slide - Small - 18" x 22" - Padded (MTS-2031-Padded-18x22-Small) UPC: 813080020253
Transfer Slide - Medium - 24" x 78" Padded (MTS-1231-Padded-27x37-MediumUPC: 813080020192
Transfer Slide - Large - 27" x 37" - Padded (MTS-1031-Padded-24x78-LargeUPC: 813080020178
Transfer Slide - Small - 18" x 22" - Unpadded (MTS-2032-Unpadded-18x22-Small) UPC: 813080020260
Transfer Slide - Medium - 24" x 78" - Unpadded (MTS-1232-Unpadded-27x37-Medium) UPC: 813080020208
Transfer Slide - Large - 27" x 37" - Unpadded (MTS-1032-Unpadded-24x78-LargeUPC: 813080020185


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