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Magister Acuforce - Massage Therapy Massaging Tools

AcuforceSKU: MAG-1924

Style: Acuforce 2.5


Acuforce 7.0 and Acuforce 2.5:
Under pressure can be a good thing

The Acuforce 7.0
The Acuforce 7.0 is the perfect tool for muscle stripping, cross-fiber friction, and trigger point therapy. The seven-pound Acuforce 7.0 saves strain on the therapists arms, hands, and fingers while giving the patient all of the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy by using its own weight to apply pressure. Made of a unique material that feels as comfortable as a therapist's hand, the Acuforce 7.0 works well with lotions and oils.
US Patents 6,267,738 & D448,851

The Acuforce 2.5
Like the Acuforce 7.0, the Acuforce 2.5 uses its own weight (2.5 pounds) to apply pressure, saving wear and tear on the therapist's arms, hands, and fingers. This tool is effective for muscle stripping and cross-fiber friction therapies. The Acuforce 2.5 will benefit the patient by creating an ideal amount of pressure for deep tissue massage therapy while not exhausting the therapist.

Acuforce 3.0i
Ice Cold Treatment, Warm Hands
The Acuforce 3.0i is a three-pound tool that applies pressure in addition to the benefits of a large ice surface for long-lasting benefits. The padded handle of the tool allows the therapist to work with the patient while keeping the hands warm. The weight of the tool itself eliminates the need for the therapist to use arm and hand strength to apply healing pressure.


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