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Lumb- Air Portable Backrest


Color: Black


Innotech LumbAIR Plus Portable Backrest - If you need adjustable and portable back or neck comfort, the Embrace Air Portable Backrest is for you. It works great in bucket seats, airplanes, and smaller seats. You may place the support wherever it’s required, and inflate the air chamber accordingly. This is better then cheap copies, why? Higher quality foam (15 year), push button air valve and our treated long wearing fabrics PLUS. Clinically tested and proven beneficial for improving spinal curvature over an extended period of time.


For that Perfect Fit - Comfort Control uses an internal air support chamber. You adjust the amount of support to fit your changing needs. Using the straps, raise or lower the support for your unique, perfect fit.

Quantity: 1

Size: 2" x 10.5" x 7"

Materials: quality foam, easy push button valve, long wearing antimicrobial treated fabric.

Indicated for: Back pain, prolonged sitting. Use of this product is proven to prevent cumulative stress and relieve pain by correctly supporting the Lumbar spine.

How to Use:

Position LumbAIRplus behind you.
Wait 5 minutes.
Inflate to your comfort level.
Change amount of air inside (some days you will want more support, some days less) to prevent damage due to extended sitting.
Target your Lumbar spine by raising (top strap) or lowering (bottom strap) the Internal air cushion.
Adjust the firmness/softness by squeezing the bulb or pressing the push button valve.
Adjust air intermittently to promote back health.


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