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Kinsman Freedom Adaptive Plates, Bowls or Cup Holder

Kinsman EnterprisesSKU: KIN-15274

Style: Snack Bowl


Quantity: 1

Color: White

Material: Plates and bowls are constructed of white polypropylene and are BPA free

Manufacturer: Kinsman Enterprises

Cleaning & Care: Top rack dishwasher safe. Non-microwavable.

Indications: Easy to attach the suction pad base


The Freedom Scoop Plate w/ Suction Pad Base - 
Is deeper on one edge than the other to allow for easier scooping. Gradually rising edge functions like an extra hand to push food over onto utensils. Useful for people who can only eat with one hand.
Size: 1.5" high and lower edge is .75", 7" Inner Diameter, 9" Diameter
(15272) UPC: 858069006033

The Freedom Divided Plate w/ Suction Pad Base - 
Combines the utility of a partitioned plate with the stability of the patented no-slip, no-spill vacuum pad. The high-rising partitions give the user an edge when trying to scoop or stick foods. Each divided plate has 3 sections. 
Size: one section measuring 6.5 x 3.5 inches and 2 sections measuring 4 x 3.5". 9" D that is 1.75"H
(15270) UPC: 858069006071

The Freedom Snack Bowl w/ Suction Pad Base 
A large, high sided bowl. Heavy duty unbreakable bowl is attached to a removable suction-pad base that will not move on a clean, flat surface-no matter how hard it is bumped or hit.
Size: 8" Outer Diameter, 6" Inner Diameter, 2" depth
(15274) UPC: 858069006064

The Freedom Dessert Bowl w/ Suction Pad Base 
Ideal for people who eat primarily with one hand. The bowl takes away the struggle with the no-slip, no spill vacuum pad, putting the comfort back into comfort food.
Size: 4.5" Diameter, 1.5" depth
(15276) UPC: 858069006057

Freedom Cup Holder with Suction Pad 
The Non-Slip Vacuum Pad clings on to any smooth, clean surface and won’t let go even if bumped or hit. The vacuum is strong and air-tight, but its brilliant design allows it to be removed and readjusted easily by simply prying one corner of the pad. It can be placed on just about any flat surface by pressing down with only slight pressure. Two small, out-of-the-way arms hold drinks securely and are adjustable to fit a variety of cup sizes. Can hold 6oz to 16oz cups 
(15278) UPC: 858069006088


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