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GAMEBREAKER Soft Protective Helmet

GameBreakerSKU: GB-1-00.Navy.XS

Size: Extra Small
Color: Navy



A protective helmet designed for use while playing sports or for various types of medical applications. The unique web shell of this helmet provides both comfort and safety. It is made with 3/8-inch thick EVR rubber foam that absorbs and then disperses the energy throughout the headgear. Playmaker headgear helps prevent lacerations and contusions and allows for 100% peripheral vision. Adjustable laces at the back of the helmet and hook and loop chin strap help achieve a custom fit. It is lightweight, breathable, and hand washable.


  • Lace Up Back.
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Washable to remove blood, dirt or odors.
  • Offers 100% peripheral vision.

Model: Soft Shell

Quantity: 1

Color: Brick Red, Vegas Gold, Green, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal, Silver, White, Athletic Yellow, Black

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Manufacturer: Gamebreaker

Made In: USA

Indications: Protective Headgear

Cleaning & Care: Fully Washable

Color and Size Options:
Extra Small - Navy (GB-1-00.Navy.XS)
Extra Small - Red (GB-2-00.Red.XS)
Extra Small - Black (GB-3-00.Black.XS)
Extra Small - Silver (GB-4-00.Silver.XS)
Extra Small - Green (GB-5-00.Green.XS)
Extra Small - Vegas Gold (GB-6-00.Vegas.Gold.XS)
Extra Small - Royal Blue (GB-8-00.Royal.Blue.XS)
Extra Small - White (GB-10-00.White.XS)
Extra Small - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-00.Athletic.Yellow.XS)
Extra Small - Purple (GB-12-00.Purple.XS)
Small - Navy (GB-1-01.Navy.Small)
Small - Red (GB-2-01.Red.Small)
Small - Black (GB-3-01.Black.Small)
Small - Silver (GB-4-01.Silver.Small)
Small - Green (GB-5-01.Green.Small)
Small - Vegas Gold (GB-6-01.Vegas.Gold.Small)
Small - Royal Blue (GB-8-01.Royal.Blue.Small)
Small - White (GB-10-01.White.Small)
Small - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-01.Athletic.Yellow.Small)
Small - Purple (GB-12-01.Purple.Small)
Medium - Navy (GB-1-02.Navy.Medium)
Medium - Red (GB-2-02.Red.Medium)
Medium - Black (GB-3-02.Black.Medium)
Medium - Silver (GB-4-02.Silver.Medium)
Medium - Green (GB-5-02.Green.Medium)
Medium - Vegas Gold (GB-6-02.Vegas.Gold.Medium)
Medium - Royal Blue (GB-8-02.Royal.Blue.Medium)
Medium - White (GB-10-02.White.Medium)
Medium - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-02. Athletic.Yellow.Medium)
Medium - Purple (GB-12-02.Purple.Medium)
Large - Navy (GB-1-03.Navy.Large)
Large - Red (GB-2-03.Red.Large)
Large - Black (GB-3-03.Black.Large)
Large - Silver (GB-4-03.Silver.Large)
Large - Green (GB-5-03.Green.Large)
Large - Vegas Gold (GB-6-03.Vegas.Gold.Large)
Large - Royal Blue (GB-8-03.Royal.Blue.Large)
Large - White (GB-10-03.White.Large)
Large - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-03.Athletic.Yellow.Large)
Large - Purple (GB-12-03.Purple.Large)
XLarge - Navy (GB-1-04.Navy.XL)
XLarge - Red (GB-2-04.Red.XL)
XLarge - Black (GB-3-04.Black.XL)
XLarge - Silver (GB-4-04.Silver.XL)
XLarge - Green (GB-5-04.Green.XL)
XLarge - Vegas Gold (GB-6-04.Vegas.Gold.XL)
XLarge - Royal Blue (GB-8-04.Royal.Blue.XL)
XLarge - White (GB-10-04.White.XL)
XLarge - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-04.Athletic.Yellow.XL)
XLarge - Purple (GB-12-04.Purple.XL)
XXLarge - Navy (GB-1-05.Navy.XXL)
XXLarge - Red (GB-2-05.Red.XXL)
XXLarge - Black (GB-3-05.Black.XXL)
XXLarge - Silver (GB-4-05.Silver.XXL)
XXLarge - Green (GB-5-05.Green.XXL)
XXLarge - Vegas Gold (GB-6-05.Vegas.Gold.XXL)
XXLarge - Royal Blue (GB-8-05.Royal.Blue.XXL)
XXLarge - White (GB-10-05.White.XXL)
XXLarge - Athletic Yellow (GB-11-05.Athletic.Yellow.XXL)
XXLarge - Purple (GB-12-05.Purple.XXL)


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