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Ball Dynamics FitBALL Mini Exercise Ball - 9"


Color: Blue


You can stay on top of your fitness goals without overly expensive exercise equipment or even a gym membership. The FitBALL Mini-exercise ball can be used to help improve the strength of your abs and lower back. Using your body's core strength, as you remain balanced, will improve your proprioception, flexibility and overall body alignment. This 9" Inflatable ball is typically used for resistance work in Yoga, Pilates, and other mat fitness programs. Use it slightly deflated as a soft prop under the head, neck, feet, back, etc. The FitBALL Mini is a great solution for back pain and tension and from your abs to your glutes to your thighs, this versatile exercise ball will help improve the depth and functional movement of your body in three planes of motion. Whether you use it for Pilates, Yoga or some other form of exercise, it can reach into those deeper muscle groups and help them add strength, stability, and balance to your core. New no-valve, pump-free design. Includes inflation straw. Retail-packaged in header card poly for peg hanging.. 


  • Easy to inflate or deflate with included straw & plug kit.
  • Anti-burst ball does not include a valve, but a plug to withstand high pressure.
  • Easy-grip, soft, slightly tacky (so it won't slip away) texture.
  • Mini is a great solution for back pain and tension!


Size: 9" round 

Manufacturer: Ball Dynamics

Indications: used to help improve the strength of abs and lower back, using the body's core strength and balance to improve proprioception, flexibility and overall body alignment. Typically used for resistance work in Yoga, Pilates, and other mat fitness programs. 

How & When to Use: Use before a workout to activate the body, increase circulation, and enhance muscle readiness. Use after workout to relax the lower back, activate core muscles and improve recovery time while reducing soreness and restoring body alignment.

Care & Cleaning: Wipe with a warm, damp cloth. Use mild cleanser as needed. Air dry. 

9" Blue (FBMINI)
 UPC: 665272330387 
9" Berry (FBMINI-Berry) UPC: 816452010777
9" Purple (FBMINI-Purple) UPC: 

NOTE: Straw and Plug included. Use Straw to Inflate. DO NOT INFLATE WITH NEEDLE PUMP.


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