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Etac Body Care Grooming Aids

EtacSKU: NCM-NC28370

Size: 12 inch (30cm)
Style: Short Handle Comb


Etac Body Care™ Grooming Aids - The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip. The grooming aids help provide easy bathing for those with limited range of motion. The brush and comb come in two length options. The short version is recommended when the user can reach up to the ear. The Long version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder. The body washers have closed-celled foam coved with comfortable nylon mesh for gentle scrubbing.

Quantity: 1

Color: White/Blue.

Polypropylene and TPE

North Coast Medical

 Body Care™

Indications: Help provide easy bathing for those with limited range of motion

Short - 12" (30cm) (NC28370)
Long - 14-1/2" (29cm) (NC28371)

Short - 11-1/2" (29cm) (NC28372)
Long 14" (36cm) (NC28373)

Body Washer
Curved - 31" (79cm) (NC28374)
Straight - 16" (41cm) (NC28375)

Hair Brush
One Size - 10" (25cm) (NC28376)


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