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Equipment Shop Maroon Feeding Spoons

Equipment ShopSKU: EQU-MS-S10-Small-10pack

Size: Small - 10 Pack


Ideal for feeding therapy as the narrow, shallow bowl is perfect for poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity or tongue thrust as it helps limit the amount of food on the spoon making sure users don't place too much food in their mouth. The flatter design also makes it easier for users to get the food off the spoon. Unlike regular baby spoons, the bowl design is thinner and shallower making them easier to use for those with feeding challenges. Available in two size options, spoon is also ideal for children, teens or adults, for those recovering from a stroke or experiencing other feeding issues. Long standing staple for feeding therapy programs. While extremely tough and break-resistant, these spoons are plastic so the manufacturer does not recommend using them with clients with severe bite reflex. Famous maroon color. Dishwasher safe up to 180°F. No heated drying. Made of FDA approved ABS and do not contain latex, lead, BPA nor Phthalates. Inspect the spoon before each use. Do NOT use a spoon that is cracked, scratched or shows signs of damage. 5.75" long spoon available in Small bowl diameter 1.25 x .5" or Large 1.5 x .5". 

: Maroon

Manufacturer: Equipment Shop

Material: FDA approved ABS and contain no latex, lead, BPA or phthalates. 

Made in: USA

Indications: Feeding aid for adults or children with difficulty eating due to poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity or tongue thrust. Dysphagia, oral motor, head posture, immobilization, stroke recovery, relearning or developmental issues and more. Shallow spoon bowl wont allow too much food that could lead to choking. Feeding therapy for autism. 

Care & Cleaning: Top-rack dishwasher-safe up to 180°F. No heated drying. Air dry. 

Size/Quantity Options Each spoon measures 5.75" long 
Small bowl diameter is 1.25 x .5"

Small - 2 Pack (MS-S-Small-2spoons) UPC: 796433960850
Small - 3 Pack (MS-S-Small-3spoons)
Small - 5 Pack (MS-S-Small-5spoons)
Small - 10 Pack (MS-S10-Small-10pack) UPC: 767644563789

Large bowl diameter is 1.5 x .5" 
Large - 2 Pack (MS-L-Large-2spoons UPC: 755746474171

Large - 3 Pack (MS-L-Large-3spoons

Large- 5 Pack (MS-L-Large-5spoons) UPC: 680138661719
Large - 10 Pack (MS-L10-Large-10pack) UPC: 759284598511 



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