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Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar

Danmar ProductsSKU: DAN-9824FB-BLK-2XS-FaceBar-Black-2XS

Size: XX-Small
Color: Black


This model offers the best features when you need facial coverage. A clear polycarbonate face bar is attached to a lightweight helmet- which is made from shock-absorbent foam- inside a hard, ventilated plastic shell. The foam is coated in vinyl, so it’s easy to clean using just soap and water. Comes with an easily adjustable snap-closure chinstrap.


  • Reduces the risk of injury to the facial area.
  • Designed to protect when face forward impact may occur.
  • Face bar is securely in place so it doesn’t move or pivot.
  • Clear polycarbonate face bar.

Quantity: 1

Color: Black, Tan, Pink, Royal Blue

Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL

Material: Vinyl coated foam, polycarbonate

Manufacturer: Danmar Products

Indications: For individuals that need a helmet with added facial protection.

Cleaning & Care: Warm soapy water, wipe dry.


XX-Small - Black (9824FB-BLK-2XS-FaceBar-Black-2XS)
XX-Small - Pink (9824FB-PNK-2XS-FaceBar-Pink-2XS)
XX-Small - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-2XS-FaceBar-RoyBlu-2XS)
XX-Small - Tan (9824FB-TAN-2XS-FaceBar-Tan-2XS)

X-Small - Black (9824FB-BLK-XS-FaceBar-Black-XS)
X-Small - Pink (9824FB-PNK-XS-FaceBar-Pink-XS)
X-Small - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-XS-FaceBar-RoyBlu-XS)
X-Small - Tan (9824FB-TAN-XS-FaceBar-Tan-XS)

Small - Black (9824FB-BLK-S-FaceBar-Black-S)
Small - Pink (9824FB-PNK-S-FaceBar-Pink-S)
Small - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-S-FaceBar-RoyBlu-S)
Small - Tan (9824FB-TAN-S-FaceBar-Tan-S)

Medium - Black (9824FB-BLK-M-FaceBar-Black-M)
Medium - Pink (9824FB-PNK-M-FaceBar-Pink-M)
Medium - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-M-FaceBar-RoyBlu-M)
Medium - Tan (9824FB-TAN-M-FaceBar-Tan-M)
Large - Black (9824FB-BLK-L-FaceBar-Black-L)
Large - Pink (9824FB-PNK-L-FaceBar-Pink-L)
Large - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-L-FaceBar-RoyBlu-L)
Large - Tan (9824FB-TAN-L-FaceBar-Tan-L)

X-Large - Black (9824FB-BLK-XL-FaceBar-Black-XL)
X-Large - Pink (9824FB-PNK-XL-FaceBar-Pink-XL)
X-Large - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-XL-FaceBar-RoyBlu-XL)
X-Large - Tan (9824FB-TAN-XL-FaceBar-Tan-XL)

XX-Large - Black (9824FB-BLK-2XL-FaceBar-Black-2XL)
XX-Large - Pink (9824FB-PNK-2XL-FaceBar-Pink-2XL)
XX-Large - Royal Blue (9824FB-RB-2XL-FaceBar-RoyBlu-2XL)
XX-Large - Tan (9824FB-TAN-2XL-FaceBar-Tan-2XL)


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