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Cushy-Air® Inflatable Exercise Balls


Style: Handball - 10", Blue


CanDo® Cushy-Air® Inflatable ball has an easy-to-grasp cushy material. Control the firmness and bounce with inflation amount. 10 inch and 17 inch “hand ball" sizes are good size to grip in your hand. 22 inch - 38 inch "training ball" sizes are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun.

Quantity: 1 Ball

10" Hand Ball
17" Hand Ball
22" Training Ball
26" Training Ball
30" Training Ball
34" Training Ball
38" Training Ball

Manufacturer: Fabrication Enterprises

Indications: Control the firmness and bounce with inflation amount

Hand Ball
10" Ball - Blue (30-1740B) UPC/GTIN: 714905041401
10" Ball - Black (30-1740BLK) UPC/GTIN: 714905041395
10" Ball - Green (30-1740G) UPC/GTIN: 714905041388
10" Ball - Red (30-1740R) UPC/GTIN: 714905041371
10" Ball - Yellow (30-1740Y) UPC/GTIN: 714905041364
17" Ball - Yellow (30-1741) UPC/GTIN: 714905011435
Training Ball
22" Ball (30-1742) UPC/GTIN: 714905011442
26" Ball (30-1743) UPC/GTIN: 714905011459
30" Ball (30-1744) UPC/GTIN: 714905011466
34" Ball (30-1745) UPC/GTIN: 714905011473
38" Ball (30-1746) UPC/GTIN: 714905011480


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