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Corflex ER Shoulder Abduction Pillow w/Sling

CorflexSKU: CFX-23-1941

Size: Small 


Features removable wedge that provides 30º of external rotation and V-lock strapping system to prevent rolling and shifting. Features a padded neck strap for optimal patient comfort. Constructed of firm density foam covered in tricot material with tricot sling and exercise ball to stimulate circulation.

Quantity: 1

Size: Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Corflex

Indications: Indicated for protocols involving non-surgical immobilization in external rotation to help reduce the incidence of recurrent dislocation.


  1. Grasp pillow assembly, making sure wider end of wedge is facing forward, release buckle and place curved side of pillow assembly on waistline under affected shoulder.
  2. Grasp both ends of waist strap, secure buckle in front and adjust to desired tightness around waist(Note: to trim excess strap material open alligator tip, trim and replace alligator tip).
  3. Remove sling from plastic pouch, make sure opening is facing foward/upward,line up with hook and affix to side of pillow assembly.
  4. Open sling, place arm in sling and position elbow in the sling as far back as possible, and place thumb through loop inside sling for additional comfort.
  5. Grasp sling strap, bring around back and place unaffected arm through opening so strap is comfortably placed at base of neck, around shoulder and under arm.
  6. Feed end of sling strap through front sling buckles, secure strap and close top of sling to secure around arm.
  7. An optional exercise ball w/removable holder is attached to the shoulder abduction pillow wedge and may be used to encourage circulation.

NOTE: The pillow is designed to keep the arm in approx. 30 deg. of abduction. The position of the pillow at the waist should be positioned for desired internal or external rotation by sliding the pillow forward or back along the waistline. Also, wedge portion of pillow may be removed if external rotation is not desired.

Cleaning and Care:

  • Remove any metal stays if possible.
  • Close all contact closures.
  • Hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
  • Product should be air-dried.
  • Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

Small (23-1941) UPC: 630745049745
Medium (23-1942) UPC: 630745049752
Large (23-1943) UPC: 630745049769
X-Large (23-1944) UPC: 630745052431

​Pillow Only
​Small/Medium (23-1938) UPC: 630745049615
​Large/X-Large (23-1939) UPC: 630745049622

​Measurement taken from hip circumference and length of forearm from wrist to elbow;
Small - Hip 24"- 30" & Forearm 9"- 12"
Medium - Hip 30"- 36" & Forearm 12"- 15"
Large - Hip 36"- 42" & Forearm 15"- 18"
X-Large - Hip 42"- 48" & Forearm 18"- 20"


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