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Corflex Elbow Orthosis w/R.O.M. Hinge

CorflexSKU: CFX-37-2203-000

Size: Large
Style: Right


Anatomically designed humeral and ulnar shells with low-profile R.O.M. hinge provides comfortable, secure and effective range of motion control for the elbow. Constructed of rigid polyethylene laminated shells with closed cell foam lining and easy-to-set R.O.M. hinge. Includes stockinette under-sleeves.


Size: Left or Right
Small, Medium, or Large

Color: Black

Material: Rigid A.B.S. material with medial contouring on shell and plush cloth liner.

Manufacturer: Corflex

Indications: Indicated for use following elbow arthroplasty or other post-surgical or post-injury applications where limited range of motion is required.

  1. Place stockinette on upper (humeral) and lower (ulnar) portion of arm.
  2. Loosen all straps and slide over affected arm with range of motion hinge aligned on outer (lateral) side of elbow joint.
  3. Position humeral cuff on upper arm with deltoid cap resting comfortably on shoulder joint, making sure it allows for comfortable flexion of elbow joint (Note: farthest end of humeral cuff may be trimmed and bottom strap moved up if desired). Position ulnar cuff on lower arm, making sure not to limit wrist movement.
  4. Hinge axis with condyle pad should be aligned with center of elbow joint and may be adjusted to appropriate arm length by moving hinge arms up or down on Humeral or Ulnar cuff.
  5. Gently tighten straps, making sure not to over tighten.
  6. Range of motion may be adjusted on hinge by setting pins to desired degrees of flexion/extension with wrench.
Care & Cleaning: Wipe plastic shell with damp cloth, you may use disinfectant or mild soap, and wipe dry. For products with a removable liner, you may hand wash liner in warm water with mild soap. Air dry. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
Small - Right (37-2201-000) UPC: 630745055456
Medium - Right (37-2202-000) UPC: 630745055487
Large - Right (37-2203-000) UPC: 630745055500
Small - Left (37-2211-000) UPC: 630745055463
Medium - Left (37-2212-000) UPC: 630745055494
Large - Left (37-2213-000) UPC: 630745055517

Sizing Guide:
Measurement taken from widest part of bicep and forearm
Small: Humeral - Proximal: 9" - 11" Ulnar - Proximal: 7" - 9"
Medium: Humeral - Proximal: 11" - 13" Ulnar - Proximal: 9" - 11"
Large: Humeral - Proximal: 13" - 15" Ulnar - Proximal: 11" - 13"


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