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Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis w/ 10" Anterior Panel Extension

CorflexSKU: CFX-35-4100

Size: X-Small


Designed by a leading physiatrist, the Disc Unloader provides relief from chronic or acute back pain by unloading pressure off the lumbar disc and shifting the load to the abdominal region. This brace is designed with patient comfort in mind. Made from a breathable lightweight fabric, the modular design of this versatile spinal orthosis allows it to be used throughout the continuum of care to provide stability and support without interfering with daily activities. Reusable Gel Pack and 10" Anterior (front) panel included; provides additional abdominal support.


  • Unique modular design reduces intradiscal pressure through circumferential compression, standard 6” anterior and 12” posterior panels accept OPTIONAL anatomically designed inserts (sold separately) along with gel pack that provides the benefits of cold/hot therapy.
  • Constructed of soft breathable fabric with contoured rigid A.B.S. inserts, elastic double-pulls, and contact closure.

Quantity: 1

Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large or 4X-Large

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Corflex

Indications: Indicated for chronic or acute low back pain, discogenic disc disease, post-surgical application, strains/sprains to lumbar muscles/ligaments and postural support

  1. Release Hook and Loop closures, open orthosis and lay flat. Note: rigid inserts may be removed from pockets, heat molded to specifications and reinserted or it may be used without inserts.
  2. Place anterior (low profile) panel on center of the abdomen, making sure loop portion is facing outward and the curve is facing down.
  3. Place posterior panel on center of the back, making sure Corflex logo and elastic double-pulls are faces outward.
  4. Grasp both ends of the posterior panel, bring forward, and attach to loop on the anterior panel.
  5. Grasp both ends of elastic double-pull, pull one side across and attach onto loop area on the opposite side of the posterior panel, pull the other side across and attach to loop area on opposite double-pull.
  6. Adjust to desired tension, making sure not to overtighten.

Care & Cleaning:

  • Remove any plastic inserts if possible
  • Close all contact closures
  • Hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
  • The product should be air-dried
  • Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

X-Small (35-4100) UPC: 630745054732
Small (35-4101) UPC: 630745054749
Medium (35-4102) UPC: 630745054756
Large (35-4103) UPC: 630745054763
X-Large (35-4104) UPC: 630745054770
2X-Large (35-4105) UPC: 630745054787
3X-Large (35-4106) UPC: 630745062041
4X-Large (35-4107) UPC: 630745062058

Sizing Guide:
Measurement taken from waist circumference
X-Small - 25"-30"
Small - 30"-35"
Medium - 35"-40"
Large - 40"-45"
X-Large - 45"-50"
2X-Large - 50"-55"
3X-Large - 55"-60"
4X-Large - 60"-65"

Accessory Products:
Corflex Cryotherm Cold/Hot Gel Pack

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