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Corflex 13" C-Pull Patella Stabilizer, 3/16"

CorflexSKU: CFX-88-7065-000

Size: Large - Left
Style: 3/16 Inch


Features sewn-in C-shaped solid tubular buttress with adjustable pressure strap that controls pressure applied to patella and spiral stays. Indicated for patella instability, lateral patella subluxation and dislocation. Manufactured from premium grade latex-free neoprene.

Quantity: 1

Size: Right or Left
X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, or 4X-Large

Color: Black

Material: Manufactured from premium grade latex-free neoprene.

Manufacturer: Corflex

Indications: Indicated for patella instability, lateral patella subluxation and dislocation.

Release tabs on neoprene overlay over C-Pull.
Insert foot into the largest end of support and slide over knee, making sure C-buttress is on the outside of knee.
Seam should be placed posteriorly, in back of leg and your kneecap (patella) should be centered in the circular opening.
Pull both tabs over C-buttress and attach to loop portion at desired comfort level.
Care & Cleaning: Remove any metal stays if possible, close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Product should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

Right X-Small (88-7052-000) UPC: 630745027507
Right Small (88-7053-000) UPC: 630745039814
Right Medium (88-7054-000) UPC: 630745026753
Right Large (88-7055-000) UPC: 630745027071
Right X-Large (88-7056-000) UPC: 630745031122
Right 2X-Large (88-7057-000) UPC: 630745028184
Right 3X-Large (88-7058-000) UPC: 630745071852
Right 4X-Large (88-7059-000) UPC: 630745039470
Left X-Small (88-7062-000) UPC: 630745045877
Left Small (88-7063-000) UPC: 630745028474
Left Medium (88-7064-000) UPC: 630745026760
Left Large (88-7065-000) UPC: 630745026777
Left X-Large (88-7066-000) UPC: 630745026739
Left 2X-Large (88-7067-000) UPC: 630745027873
Left 3X-Large (88-7068-000) UPC: 630745071869
Left 4X-Large (88-7069-000) UPC: 630745071876

3/16" Op Pop
Right X-Small (88-7072-000) UPC: 630745040537
Right Small (88-7073-000) UPC: 630745039500
Right Medium (88-7074-000) UPC: 630745074006
Right Large (88-7075-000) UPC: 630745074679
Right X-Large (88-7076-000) UPC: 630745074686
Right 2X-Large (88-7077-000) UPC: 630745040155
Right 3X-Large (88-7078-000) UPC: 630745075850
Right 4X-Large (88-7079-000) UPC: 630745049141
Left X-Small (88-7082-000) UPC: 630745040544
Left Small (88-7083-000) UPC: 630745074693
Left Medium (88-7084-000) UPC: 630745036134
Left Large (88-7085-000) UPC: 630745036219
Left X-Large (88-7086-000) UPC: 630745039494
Left 2X-Large (88-7087-000) UPC: 630745028023
Left 3X-Large (88-7088-000) UPC: 630745074938
Left 4X-Large (88-7089-000) UPC: 630745075393


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