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ComfySplints Comfy Finger Separator

Comfy SplintsSKU: CFS-FS-1-Adult-Navy

Size: Adult
Color: Navy Blue
Material: Terry Cloth


Comfy Finger Separator - The Comfy Finger Separator is a finger and hand positioning aid that has a patient-specific fit to provide continuous extension of a non-fixed wrist and hand as well as finger flexion. Side wings are designed to prohibit ulnar and radial reviation. Soft straps secure the finger separators to the hand and prevent skin damage. Materials - terrycloth, smooth headliner

Size Options (sold separately)
Navy (FS-1-Adult-Navy) UPC: 879626004903
Adult - Small (FS-1-AS-Adult.Small-Navy) UPC: 879626007645
Adult - headliner (FS-1-H-Adult-Navy-Headliner)UPC: 879626004705
Pediatric - Lg - Emerald Green (PFS1-L-Pediatric.Large-Emer.Green)UPC:879626004910
Pediatric Med - Turquoise (PFS1-M-Pediatric.Medium-Turquoise)UPC:879626004927
Pediatric Small - Purple (PFS1-S-Pediatric.Small-Purple)UPC: 879626004934

Comfy Splint finger separator provides a soft cushion between fingers.
Helpful attachment fits most Comfy Splints and provides soft cushioning between joints.
Prevents pressure areas between PIP and DIP of adjoining digits.
Can be faced downwards to prevent hyperextension.


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