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Comfy Splints™ Knee Orthosis

Comfy SplintsSKU: CFS-K-101-AS-Adult.Small-Navy

Style: Adult Regular - Navy-Terrycloth


The Comfy™ Knee Orthosis is easy to use, Bend-to-Fit orthosis that provides excellent support for flaccid or weak extremities and helps immobilize painful extremities. The patented malleable splint spine can bend to the desired ROM and the cuffs can be adjusted for optimal fit.


  • Provides for gradual extension of the non-fixed knee contracture.
  • Soft straps accommodate sensitive skin, edema and fragile skin.
  • Fully and easily adjustable at all joints to make a custom fit.
  • Ambidextrous.

Quantity: 1

Size: Adult or Pediatric
Small, Regular, Medium, or Large

Color: Navy, Camo, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Emerald Green, or Turquoise

Material: Traditional Terrycloth or Headliner material.

Manufacturer: Comfy Splints™

Cleaning & Care: Removable, machine washable covers.

Adult Small - Navy - Terrycloth (K-101-AS-Adult.Small-Navy) UPC: 879626002275
Adult Regular - Navy - Terrycloth (K-101-Adult-Navy) UPC: 879626002176
Adult Regular- Navy - Headliner (K-101-H-Adult-Navy-Headliner) UPC: 879626003203
Adult Regular - Camo - Neoprene (K-101-CP-ADULT-C) UPC: 879626000578
Adult Regular - Dark Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-ADULT-DB) UPC: 879626005924
Adult Regular - Light Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-ADULT-LB) UPC: 879626000585
Adult Regular - Purple - Neoprene (K-101-CP-ADULT-P) UPC: 879626000592
Adult Small - Camo - Neoprene (K-101-CP-AS-C) UPC: 879626005962
Adult Small - Dark Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-AS-DB) UPC: 879626005979
Adult Small - Light Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-AS-LB) UPC: 879626005986
Adult Small - Purple - Neoprene (K-101-CP-AS-P) UPC: 879626005993
Pediatric Large - Emerald Green - Terrycloth (PK-101-L-Pediatric.Large-Emer.Green) UPC: 879626001421
Pediatric Medium - Turquoise - Terrycloth (PK-101-M-Pediatric.Medium-Turquoise) UPC: 879626001438
Pediatric Small - Purple - Terrycloth (PK-101-S-Pediatric.Small-Purple) UPC: 879626001445
Pediatric Large - Emerald Green - Terrycloth w/extra cover (PK-102-L-Ped.Lg-EmeGrn-w/extracover) UPC: 879626001452
Pediatric Medium - Turquoise - Terrycloth w/extra cover (PK-102-M-Ped.Med-Turq-w/extracover) UPC: 879626001469
Pediatric Small- Purple - Terrycloth w/extra cover (PK-102-S-Ped.Sm-Purple-w/extracover) UPC: 879626001476
Pediatric Large - Camo - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PL-C) UPC: 879626000615
Pediatric Large - Dark Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PL-DB) UPC: 879626005931
Pediatric Large - Light Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PL-LB) UPC: 879626000622
Pediatric Large - Purple - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PL-P) UPC: 879626000639
Pediatric Medium - Camo - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PM-C) UPC: 879626000653
Pediatric Medium - Dark Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PM-DB) UPC: 879626005948
Pediatric Medium - Light Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PM-LB) UPC: 879626000660
Pediatric Medium - Purple - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PM-P) UPC: 879626000677
Pediatric Small - Camo - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PS-C) UPC: 879626000691
Pediatric Small - Dark Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PS-DB) UPC: 879626005955
Pediatric Small - Light Blue - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PS-LB) UPC: 879626000707
Pediatric Small - Purple - Neoprene (K-101-CP-PS-P) UPC: 879626000714


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