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Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster

North Coast MedicalSKU: NCM-NC68030-1

Size: X-Small
Style: Left


North Coast Medical Comfort Cool® Ulnar Booster™ - It creates a counterforce effect to help relieve ulnar wrist pain. Designed specifically for people experiencing ulnar sided wrist pain and mid-carpal instability. The Ulnar Booster™ is biomechanically correct, and can help this problem by realigning and stabilizing the carpal (wrist) bones while depressing the ulnar styloid. The splint straps combined with the foam boosting insert provides a boost of the ulnar carpus while depressing the ulnar head. This counterforce effect is helpful for conditions such as TFCC pathology, persistent ulnar sided wrist pain after wrist fracture, mid-carpal instability, and ECU tendonitis. When worn properly, the Ulnar Booster™ Wrist Splint should feel like a counterforce on the ulnar side of the wrist. Made of 1/16" (2mm) perforated neoprene with terry liner to keep skin cool and comfortable. Can be trimmed with scissors for a more personalized fit.

Quantity: 1

XS - 4" to 5" (10-13 cm) Wrist Circumference
Small - 5" to 6.25" (13-16 cm) Wrist Circumference
Medium - 6.25" to 7.25" (16-18 cm) Wrist Circumference
Large - 7.25" to 8.5" (18-22 cm) Wrist Circumference

Color: Black

Material: Perforated neoprene with terry liner

Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Brand: Comfort Cool®

XS - Left (NC68030-1) UPC: 768627001090
XS - Right (NC68030-2) UPC: 768627001106
Small - Left (NC68030-3) UPC: 768627001113
Small - Right (NC68030-4) UPC: 768627001120
Medium - Left (NC68030-5) UPC: 768627001137
Medium - Right (NC68030-6) UPC: 768627001144
Large - Left (NC68030-7) UPC: 768627001168
Large - Right (NC68030-8) UPC: 768627001175


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