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Coloplast Assura® 2-Piece Drainable Pouch

ColoplastSKU: COL-6213924

Size: Mini
Style: Opaque
Color: Green


The pouch is attached securely to the barrier by a mechanical coupling system. An audible ‘click’ confirms that the pouch is locked securely to the barrier. Before the pouch is locked into position, it can be rotated into the desired position to accommodate your body's position (standing, lying down, emptying) without having to remove the pouch from the barrier. The mechanical coupling can also be repositioned to enable easy handling whether you're left- or right-handed. The pouch can be removed separately from the spiral adhesive barrier, allowing the pouch to be changed more frequently than the adhesive barrier. Assura 2-piece drainable is available with standard or extended wear adhesive barriers.


  • The full range of barriers includes flat, convex light, and convex barriers, available pre-cut or "cut-to-fit".
  • The full line includes transparent and opaque pouches, which correspond to the Assura AC and SenSura Flex barriers based on a color-coded coupling system.
  • Assura extended wear adhesive offers extra protection against aggressive output.
  • EasiClose™ outlet - the outlet is easy to empty and clean, and has an integrated Hook and Loop closure that can be easily tucked away – without the need for a closure clamp.
  • Efficient filter - the integrated three-layer filter neutralizes odor and avoids the risk of the pouch "ballooning," causing unnecessary bulges. Soft backing fabric - strong and water-repellent, allowing for easy drying after a shower or a dip in the pool.
  • Soft backing fabric - strong and water-repellent, allowing for easy drying after a shower or a dip in the pool.

Quantity: 1, Box of 10

Size: Mini (9 1/4" / 280 mL), Midi (10 1/2" / 485 mL), or Maxi (11 1/2" / 655 mL)

Color: Beige

Manufacturer: Coloplast

Brand: Assura®

Indications: Ideal for people with a urostomy.

Mini (9 1/4" / 280 mL)
Opaque - Green (6213924)
Opaque - Red (6213925)

Midi (10 1/2" / 485 mL)
Graphic - Green (6213964)
Graphic - Red (6213965)
Graphic -Blue (6213966)

Maxi (11 1/2" / 655 mL)
Transparent - Green (6213974)
Transparent - Red (6213975)
Transparent - Blue (6213976)
Opaque - Green (6213984)
Opaque - Red (6213985)
Opaque - Blue ( 6213986)


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