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CanDo® Digi-Flex Multi® Accessories

CanDo®SKU: FAB-10-3750

Style: Single Finger Button - Tan


Additional Finger Buttons for the CanDo® Digi-Flex Multi® Basic Starter Pack or Progressive Starter Pack

Quantity: See options below...

Tan (xx-light)
Yellow (x-light)
Red (light)
Green (medium)
Blue (heavy)
Black (x-heavy)
Silver (xx-heavy)
Gold (xxx-heavy)
Color corresponds with resistance

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

Brand: CanDo®

Indications: Helps develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Single Finger Button
Tan (10-3750) UPC: 714905051837
Yellow (10-3751) UPC: 714905051844
Red (10-3752) UPC: 714905051851
Green (10-3753) UPC: 714905051868
Blue (10-3754) UPC: 714905051875
Black (10-3755) UPC: 714905051882
Silver (10-3756) UPC: 714905051899
Gold (10-3757) UPC: 714905051905

4 Finger Buttons w/Box
Tan (10-3750-4) UPC: 714905051936
Yellow (10-3751-4) UPC: 714905051943
Red (10-3752-4) UPC: 714905051950
Green (10-3753-4) UPC: 714905051967
Blue (10-3754-4) UPC: 714905051974
Black (10-3755-4) UPC: 714905051981
Silver (10-3756-4) UPC: 714905051998
Gold (10-3757-4) UPC: 714905052001

20 Finger Buttons w/Box (10-3758) UPC: 714905051912
Includes 4 of each: Yellow Red, Green, Blue, and Black

32 Finger Buttons w/Box (10-3759) UPC: 714905051929
Includes 4 of each: Yellow Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, and Gold

Empty Plastic Box
Holds 4 Buttons (10-3780) UPC: 714905052018
Holds 20 Buttons (10-3781) UPC: 714905052025
Holds 32 Buttons (10-3782) UPC: 714905052032

1 Frame (10-3830) UPC: 714905051820
5 Frames (10-3832) UPC: 714905059468
5 Frames w/ Metal Rack (10-3831) UPC: 714905059451


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