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Blue Jay Complete Medical Your Dressing Buddy Stick, 0.3 Pound

Complete MedicalSKU: CM-BJ100110



Get Dressed Easily and Comfortably with Blue Jay ‘Your Dressing Buddy’ Dressing Stick

Blue Jay dressing stick is a perfect assisting equipment for people facing problems like restricted movement, bending of arms and hands. The lightweight and long dressing stick assist users with limited mobility while dressing or retrieving objects. The dress stick features hook and clip that assist people with limited arm and shoulder movement to put on coats, sweaters and garments with ease. People facing problems associated with bending or stooping can use this dressing aid to remove socks or pulling shoelace loop. As the stick has a long length, you don’t need to stretch too much while dressing.

Medical Aid Recommended by Doctors

This dressing assistance medical aid is recommended by doctors for people with limited, painful, or restricted movement
It infuses confidence among the users who are unable to maintain an independent lifestyle
The clip and hook assemble can be of great help during pull up, or push down of items, eliminating the dependency on others while dressing
The simple design of the dress stick makes it easy to use while the superior quality materials used in construction ensures longevity

BJ100110 Versatile Dressing Aid for Independent Lifestyle

The dressing aid features hook, clip, and a rod that combine to offer assistance while wearing clothes
The dress stick features the "c" hook which is ideal for pulling zippers or shoelace loops
The coating provided on the rod provides seamless finish that protects both skin and delicate fabrics
The dress stick has clip fastener that provides assistance to users in reaching to canes, walkers


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