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GAMEBREAKER PRO - D30 Soft Protective Helmet

GAMEBREAKER PRO - D30 Soft Protective Helmet


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The Gamebreaker-PRO powered by D3O is molded out of the finest EVA rubber and SAF foam, coupled with exclusive D3O Impact Protection, offering maximum protection upon impact. The hook and loop chin strap combined with the self-adjusting rear boss enables the headgear to custom fit each persons head. LYCRA surrounds the outer shell, allowing air to flow throughout and prevent the player from enduring the stress of any extra heat. GameBreaker-PRO soft shell protective headgear is being utilized in multiple sports, perfect for teams or individuals who’d like to utilize them for multiple programs to save on cost.


  • EVA rubber foam, offering maximum protection upon impact .
  • Covers 95% of the player's head.
  • LYCRA® surrounds the outer shell for airflow.
  • Easily washable.
  • Brain First certified and approved by the international rugby board.
  • Usable for multiple programs throughout the year.

Model: PRO D30

Quantity: 1

Color: Red, Vegas Gold, Navy, Royal, Silver, White, and Black

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Material: LYCRA®

Manufacturer: Gamebreaker

Made In: USA

Indications: Protective Headgear

Cleaning & Care: Washable

Color and Size Options:
Extra Small - Navy (GBPRO-1-00.PRO-Navy.XS)
Extra Small - Red (GBPRO-2-00.PRO-Red.XS)
Extra Small - Black (GBPRO-3-00.PRO-Black.XS)
Extra Small - Silver (GBPRO-4-00.PRO-Silver.XS)
Extra Small - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-00.PRO-Vegas.Gold.XS)
Extra Small - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-00.PRO-Royal.Blue.XS)
Extra Small - White (GBPRO-10-00.PRO-White.XS)
Small - Navy (GBPRO-1-01.PRO-Navy.Small)
Small - Red (GBPRO-2-01.PRO-Red.Small)
Small - Black (GBPRO-3-01.PRO-Black.Small)
Small - Silver (GBPRO-4-01.PRO-Silver.Small)
Small - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-01.PRO-Vegas.Gold.Small)
Small - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-01.PRO-Royal.Blue.Small)
Small - White (GBPRO-10-01.PRO-White.Small)
Medium - Navy (GBPRO-1-02.PRO-Navy.Medium)
Medium - Red (GBPRO-2-02.PRO-Red.Medium)
Medium - Black (GBPRO-3-02.PRO-Black.Medium)
Medium - Silver (GBPRO-4-02.PRO-Silver.Medium)
Medium - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-02.PRO-Vegas.Gold.Medium)
Medium - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-02.PRO-Royal.Blue.Medium)
Medium - White (GBPRO-10-02.PRO-White.Medium)
Large - Navy (GBPRO-1-03.PRO-Navy.Large)
Large - Red (GBPRO-2-03.PRO-Red.Large)
Large - Black (GBPRO-3-03.PRO-Black.Large)
Large - Silver (GBPRO-4-03.PRO-Silver.Large)
Large - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-03.PRO-Vegas.Gold.Large)
Large - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-03.PRO-Royal.Blue.Large)
Large - White (GBPRO-10-03.PRO-White.Large)
XLarge - Navy (GBPRO-1-04.PRO-Navy.XL)
XLarge - Red (GBPRO-2-04.PRO-Red.XL)
XLarge - Black (GBPRO-3-04.PRO-Black.XL)
XLarge - Silver (GBPRO-4-04.PRO-Silver.XL)
XLarge - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-04.PRO-Vegas.Gold.XL)
XLarge - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-04.PRO-Royal.Blue.XL)
XLarge - White (GBPRO-10-04.PRO-White.XL)
XXLarge - Navy (GBPRO-1-05.PRO-Navy.XXL)
XXLarge - Red (GBPRO-2-05.PRO-Red.XXL)
XXLarge - Black (GBPRO-3-05.PRO-Black.XXL)
XXLarge - Silver (GBPRO-4-05.PRO-Silver.XXL)
XXLarge - Vegas Gold (GBPRO-6-05.PRO-Vegas.Gold.XXL)
XXLarge - Royal Blue (GBPRO-8-05.PRO-Royal.Blue.XXL)
XXLarge - White (GBPRO-10-05.PRO-White.XXL)